Party Tent Rentals by Benson Tent Rent
Party Tent Rentals by Benson Tent Rent

We elevate your party tent rentals.

Benson Tent Rent delivers memorable experiences throughout Colorado.

Brides & Grooms

Congratulations on your engagement! We have the wedding tents to make the perfect setting for your special day.

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New Wedding Venue

Sneak a peak of this beautiful new mountain wedding venue.

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Covering Colorado

In today’s climate, social distancing is part of our new culture and at Benson Tent Rent we take that seriously. We believe in creating solutions to challenges presented and hope this introductory piece delivers just that.

Contact Benson Tent Rent today where our focus is on your safety and comfort.

Tents can help Restaurants offer social distancing

Tents Can Assist Restaurants

Whether you have a fast food or fine dining establishment, we have solutions to fit your footprint.
Pefect for your special event or tour

Tents help Events & Tours

With summer approaching, our tents allow your customers to comfortably enjoy being outside.

Memories Matter

At Benson Tent Rent we understand the challenges of organizing and executing successful events. From weddings to private parties, memories matter and experiences define us.

Event Freedom

Tents offer the freedom of having your event wherever, whenever, and however you’d like. One important advantage of using party tent rentals for your event is that it offers a blank canvas for your desired design.

Crested Butte Wedding - 44x103 Sailcloth Tent with flooring

We Exceed Expectations

Whether you are looking for a rustic Colorado atmosphere or a more elegant sophisticated look, Benson Tent Rent will deliver with our party tent rentals.

Party Tent Rentals

There are several things to consider when renting a tent: What type of event you are planning? Do you require shelter from the elements How much space do you have? Are there any overhead or underground utilities or obstacles? On what surface will the tent be set up? Will you need lighting, draping, heating, and/or sidewalls?

Party Tent Rentals from Benson Tent Rent

So many questions, right?

Don’t worry, contact Benson Tent Rent today to book an appointment with our tent specialist! Also, check us out on The Knot to read about our great client experiences.

Sailcloth Tent Rentals in 2023

Sailcloth Tent Rentals in 2023

Sailcloth tent rentals are becoming increasingly popular for weddings, corporate events, and other special occasions. These elegant tents are made from lightweight yet durable sailcloth fabric, which allows natural light to filter through during the day and creates a...

2022 Wedding Season Recap

2022 Wedding Season Recap

The 2022 wedding season at BTR flew by as usual and we can’t thank all of our clients, planners, and vendors enough for their hard work during the planning process. This season was a big step for us taking on much more work than planned and ultimately raising our...

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