Expanded Outdoor Dining for Restaurants with Tents

by | Jul 6, 2020 | Blog

Benson Tent Rent has provided multiple tents for restaurants in need of expanding their space with covered outdoor dining (check out Esters Neighborhood Pub on Holly Street) and we’ve recently reached out to these restaurants to see how everything has been going. With the help of a tent, the restaurants have increased their dining capacity by 30% to 100% allowing them to get back to or close to their previous capacity numbers. The new regulations that restaurants have to follow for indoor dining are turning out to be more stringent and more difficult to accommodate than outdoor tented dining space since tents offer much more air flow. Another benefit of using a tent for added square footage is that it cuts down on air conditioning expenses as well as other electrical costs. Tents offer complete shade from the sun and reduce the daytime temperature by about 20 degrees on a hot day while allowing a comforting summer breeze to help your patrons keep cool. Benson Tent Rent also has quick and easily adaptable options to protect you from unfavorable conditions such as rain storms and gusty winds. Customers can once again enjoy their favorite restaurants with the peace of mind of fresh outdoor air.

We are here with design solutions to make your outdoor dining experience as enjoyable and exciting as your indoor space. Benson Tent Rent can provide you with custom lighting, sidewall, and furniture solutions. For a one-of-a-kind experience, our Timertrac Frame tent is available and the only tent of its kind in Colorado. It’s sure to provide your diners with an elevated ambience as they enjoy dining at your restaurant.

rustic tent - timbertrac tent - outdoor dining
Also, our custom “live” bar built to order adds the perfect nature element to any tented environment.
boxwood bar
Let’s bring the event and restaurant industries together to help our small businesses rebuild during this unprecedented time. Connect with us today.

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