New Special Event Tent and Equipment; Lock in 2019 Pricing

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Take Advantage of our Special Offer Good Through December 31, 2019.

As we move into the fall season and take a look back at an extremely busy 2019 here at Benson Tent Rent, we want to show our gratitude and extend our low 2019 prices on our event rental items into the coming year.

All you have to do is reserve your tent and special event equipment between now and December 31, 2019 and literally save hundreds of dollars. Our 2020 price increase will go into affect January 2nd so please make note and connect with us now to reserve your special event equipment needs with Benson Tent Rent.

New Special Event Tent Rentals

New Frame Tents: Timbertrac TM

In 2019 Benson Tent Rent added the popular Timbertrac TM frame tent to our inventory. These popular tents feature an architectural truss beam design and wood-like aluminum beams giving the appearance of craftsman-style construction and producing a true Colorado Rocky Mountain theme. The gable ends of this tent system can be left open or can be closed with fabric gable panels and walls to adjust to our ever-changing Colorado weather. Another special feature found in this Timbertrac TM collection includes an option for a clear or sailcloth top.

Benson Tent Rent purchased a 30’ x 60’ Timbertrac TM in 2019 and due to popularity we will be adding an additional 15’ to this structure in 2020. Coming in December, please stay tuned for additional information and pricing.

Our Sailcloth pole tents proved to be a popular choice for 2019 weddings for several reasons. The sailcloth does not have a valance, the portion of the tent that typically hangs down approximately 8″-12″ from the tent top allowing for a more open and airy overall feel. Sailcloth tops are translucent as well which allows some light to shine through while allowing the beautiful structural design elements within the tent top to be seen. Additionally, the perimeter and center poles are typically stained wood or have wood-grained pole covers perfectly complementing the sailcloth style. The center poles are at different heights when installing tents measuring 44′ × 83′, 44′ × 103′, and up.

Keep in mind that the Timbertrac TM is ideal for long term and seasonal applications. Our clients have been raving about the Timbertrac TM collection so give us a call at 720-473-9522 and consider a Timbertrac TM for your next special event.

Boxwood hedge bars and Floral Hoops

Coming in 2020

  • Boxwood hedge bars
  • Floral hoops
  • Onsite tent technician service for weddings and special events
  • Variety of wood side pole stain options for the sailcloth tent
  • and much more
Event Tent Photo - Review by Kaitlyn
Photo Courtesy of Kaitlyn – Google Review

Client Review

Landon was very accommodating and had the most affordable prices for our sail cloth tent. Set up and take down of the tent, chairs, and tables was quick and well done. I gave them five stars for many reasons but one of the main reasons was Landon’s communication. I always had a quick response to any questions I had via text, phone call, or email which I greatly appreciated while planning my wedding. Thanks for providing us with such a beautiful tent for our special day!

Google Review

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