Restaurant Tents and the Top 5 Tips for Outdoor Dining Solutions

by | Oct 27, 2020 | Blog

Tents for Restaurants
Restaurant Tent at Steuben’s
Are you looking to expand your restaurant’s capacity this winter? Benson Tent Rent has developed custom solutions for some of our favorite restaurants around Denver adhering to Denver’s social distancing requirements and best practices including: Steuben’s, Esters Neighborhood Pub – OG, and others.

Coming Soon! We can’t wait for our custom Timbertrac tent that we are setting up for Ocean Prime. Contact us today for your winter tent!

Tents for Restaurants
Inside the Restaurant Tent at Esters

Tip 1 – Custom tenting solutions

At Benson Tent Rent we understand each restaurant has unique challenges for their winter tent needs. We offer creative solutions and work arounds for existing landscaping, street lamps, and can anchor to a variety of surfaces including concrete and asphalt. We want your guests to be as excited to dine under one of our tents as sitting in your restaurant. We offer windowed side walls, heating solutions, and swing doored entries to offer your guests a seamless experience whether they are dining inside your restaurant or in your outdoor space.

Decor for Restaurant Tents
Hanging Floral Hoops and Market String Lights

Tip 2 – Enhance the experience with décor

Your tented dining experience should feel like an extension of your restaurant, not an afterthought. Ambience is everything! Add chandeliers or market lights on dimmers. Embrace the upcoming holiday season and add some seasonal touches. Benson Tent Rent offers custom suspended floral hoops as well as seasonal designs and enhancements for our tents. Ask us today and let us design something that coordinates with your brand and atmosphere.

Tip 3 – Comforts of home

Do your guests join you for their favorite football games? Expand your game watching capacity and mount TVs in your outdoor dining area. Colorado has so many beautiful fall days. Who doesn’t love the idea of catching the game at their favorite local restaurant & bar while dining outside?

If you already have a laundering service for your cloth napkins, consider offering your guests blankets. Heaters keep tents nice and toasty, but heat rises, and blankets offer a nice solution to keep guests’ legs and toes toasty and warm. Don’t just buy any old blankets, have fun and brand your blankets with your logo, use a signature color, or do something seasonal. You can even have them available to purchase. Just be sure that you have enough blankets to offer guests a clean blanket each time – no reusing!

Tip 4 – Snow Happens!

Be sure to include snow maintenance as a part of your rental agreement. Tents are temporary structures and it’s important for any snow that collects on top of the tent to be sloughed off. This should be done by a professional not your staff. If there is severe weather with strong winds and heavy snow, your tent should not be used until the storm has passed. We want you and your guests safe at all times.

Tip 5 – Spread the word!

Make sure that your guests know that you’re open and offering outdoor dining. Take photos of the space and share and promote on your social channels. Benson Tent Rent will be sure to spread the word to our followers and tag your restaurant. We’d be honored for a tag back!

Expand your dining capacity and contact us today! We’d be happy to schedule a site visit and estimate your outdoor tent package.

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