Tented Weddings Make Your Special Occasion Beautiful

by | Aug 20, 2020 | Blog

Whether you’re planning to move your wedding to 2021 or are actively searching venues and options to tie the knot in 2020, Benson Tent Rent is here to ensure your outdoor tented wedding is all you’ve dreamed and more.
Timbertrac Tented Wedding
Photo Courtesy of Aztec Tents

Creative Ideas for Stunning Tented Weddings & Events

There are plenty of reasons brides, grooms, and planners alike love tented weddings; the cozy feeling, the air of intimacy, the atmosphere and the fact that the entire party (and all of the decor) is safe and protected from the elements.

Obviously, here at Benson Tent Rent, we are passionate about outdoor weddings and special events as there’s no better way to embrace the beautiful Colorado landscape as well as all four seasons.

Cheers to the Timbertrac™ tent

The Timbertrac Collection features an architectural truss beam design, “wood-like” aluminum beams, and aesthetic joining plates, producing the appearance of craftsman-style construction, while providing the amenities needed for special events. These stunning beauties are available in clear or white top tents as well as clear span structures and frames that support the roof, with an open space beneath the canopy. The gable ends of this tent system can be left wide open or can be closed with fabric gable panels and walls as weather or theme requires.

They are self-supporting and can be weighted down if the ground does not allow for staking. Frame and clear span tents allow for a beautifully draped atmosphere creating an intimate space while sheltering guests from the elements.

Timbertrac Clear Top Tented Wedding
Photo Courtesy of Aztec Tents
When you have a beautiful setting, there is no better way to feel connected to the landscape while still protecting your guests from the elements. Translucent structures allow for silhouettes created from surrounding trees and landscape to be seen at dusk.

Timbertrac is truly an architectural beauty and speaks to those searching for that true Colorado rustic design.

Party in Your Backyard

Hosting a special occasion in your back yard adds a more personal touch and eliminates some of the restrictions that venues may have. Your back yard allows you to customize your event and often times starts with choosing the right tent. Whether hosting a small gathering or a large soiree, Benson Tent Rent can assist you in determining the best tent to fit your space and style as well as, accommodate your guest count.

Bringing the Outdoors In

Why not let nature dictate the overall theme on your special day. Colorado knows how to celebrate every season creating stunning natural components to tented weddings. We invite you to bring elements of nature into your day-of space.

In Spring, Summer and Fall, consider adding lush greenery, lofty vines, seasonal floral wraps, and autumn leaves creating a more intimate space by filling the high ceiling as well as concealing center and perimeter support poles. Additionally, our hanging floral hoops add the perfect seasonal touch to your event.

Winters in Colorado can be spring-like or can be a snow-covered winter wonderland. Birch branches, twinkling lights, and snow-covered evergreens deliver a breathtaking Winter Wonderland atmosphere. Our clear-top Timbertrac tent allow a majestic view of the winter scape creating a breathtaking setting for any special gathering.

With our variety of tents, flooring, heating, and air-conditioning units, we will ensure your guests enjoy their day-of celebrations both in comfort and style.

Timbertrac Tented Wedding with lighting
Photo Courtesy of Aztec Tents

Let There Be Light

Like any other type of lighting, tent lighting comes in various types; from candlelit rooms to elaborate tent washes. We are pleased to offer simple and effective mood lighting treatments the include center pole mount par lights, market string lights, and perimeter garden string lights creating a soft and romantic ambiance to your special event.

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