Brewery and Restaurant Tents by Benson Tent Rent
Brewery and Restaurant Tents by Benson Tent Rent

Brewery & Restaurant Tents help you serve your customers.

Get covered and adapt to changing weather and evolving circumstances.

What are your tent needs?

We’ve covered many restaurants and breweries across the Denver Metro Area and we’re ready to help you.

Restaurant Tents

Whether you have a fast food or fine dining establishment, we have solutions to fit your footprint.

As the seasons change, consider temporary tents to protect your guests from Colorado’s weather elements. Our tents allow your patrons a comfortable waiting area as well as your employees a safe break space.

Contact Benson Tent Rent today where our focus is on your safety and comfort.

Maximize your outdoor dining space or parking lot

  • Cover your staff & patrons for take-out orders
  • Cover your existing patio area with a tent for supplemental seating
  • Install a tent in your parking lot
  • Install a tent with flooring in a grassy area
  • Increasing space means increased opportunities and safety

Allow airflow through your dining area

  • Keep tent walls open for airflow
  • Add tent fans to maximize airflow
  • Dining customers show preference for open air seating
Inside of Tent at Larimer Square
Outdoor Tent by Benson Tent Rent
Inside of Restaurant Tent

Brewery Tents

In today’s climate, social distancing is part of our new culture and at Benson Tent Rent we take that seriously. We believe in creating solutions to challenges presented and hope this introductory piece delivers just that.

With the seasons changing, our tents allow your customers to comfortably wait outside while waiting for their tour to begin. They can experience their comprehensive spirits tasting after the tour while enjoying the cover.

Contact Benson Tent Rent today where our focus is on your safety and comfort.

Invite your customers to host a special gathering in our beautiful Timbertrac tent featuring a rustic Colorado atmosphere.

Tented Opportunities

  • Tented curbside retail areas
  • Covered areas for staging prior to tours and tastings
  • Hosting a small gathering, meeting, or special event

Perfect for special events and tours.

Benson Tent Rent outside establishment
Clear Top Timbertrac Tent
Timbertrac Tents by Benson Tent Rent

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