Luxury Restroom Trailer at Event in a Park
Luxury Restroom Trailer at Event in a Park

Luxury Restrooms with Fancy Flush Trailers

Maintain the Experience

Fancy Flush Trailers
Upgrade your outdoor event experience with Fancy Flush Trailers by Benson Tent Rent. Say goodbye to traditional portable toilets and hello to luxury restrooms that offer unparalleled comfort and elegance for your guests.

It’s Colorado after all, we live for outdoor events.

Why Choose Fancy Flush Trailers?

Luxury Over Standard

Fancy Flush Trailers redefine the outdoor restroom experience. Gone are the days of compromising comfort for convenience. With running water, vanities, and toilets, our trailers provide the luxury of a hotel restroom in any outdoor setting.

Thoughtful Design

Each trailer is meticulously designed to cater to the needs of both men and women. The Men’s room features one private toilet stall, one urinal, and a single bowl sink/vanity. Meanwhile, the Women’s room boasts two private toilet stalls and a single bowl sink/vanity.

Personalized Service

As a small business, your satisfaction is our priority. With years of experience in tent and event rentals, Benson Tent Rent offers personalized service and attention to detail, ensuring your event is a success.

Luxury Restroom Trailer at Event in a Mountain Meadow

Current Configuration

Presently, we offer a 4-station restroom trailer, perfect for events up to 250 people for up to 8 hours. Stay tuned as we expand our sizing options to accommodate even larger gatherings.

Enhancing Guest Experience

Our team strategically places and sets up the Fancy Flush Trailer to optimize guest experience, ensuring privacy and convenience without intruding upon your event’s or wedding’s ambiance.

Seamless Integration

We understand the importance of cohesive event design. That’s why we offer lighting and décor options to seamlessly integrate the trailer into your event’s atmosphere.

Complimentary and Add-On Options

Experience the convenience and comfort of our standard features, including foot pedal flush, metered faucet, radio with aux and Bluetooth inputs for seamless music streaming, AC, heat, and a generous 105-gallon freshwater tank, ensuring your guests stay refreshed throughout your event. For added accessibility and safety, our restroom trailers come equipped with fold-out stairs complete with safety lights and railings.

Enhance the ambiance of your event with our optional add-ons, such as hung market lights at the entrance, boxwood hedge wheel covers, custom pendant entry lights, and charming wine barrels to stylishly store drinks near the entrance.

Inside of Fancy Flush Trailers

Don't Worry!

Rest assured, our luxury restrooms undergo rigorous deep cleaning after and between every event, maintaining the highest standards of cleanliness and hygiene.

Book your luxury restroom for next outdoor event.

Elevate your outdoor event experience with Fancy Flush Trailers by Benson Tent Rent. Contact us today to book your luxury restrooms and ensure a memorable and comfortable experience for your guests.

restroom trailer

Power and Water Requirements

In the summer months, our trailers require only a 2,000 running watt generator or one 15 amp circuit to power all essential features. However, for full functionality during the winter, a 6,250 running watt generator or two 20 amp circuits are recommended to ensure optimal performance. With a maximum distance of 100 feet from the power and water source, our trailers offer flexibility in placement while maintaining convenience for your guests.

Need assistance with power or water?

No problem. We offer optional solutions for an additional fee, ensuring seamless setup and operation of your event trailer.

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