Brewery and Restaurant Tents by Benson Tent Rent
Brewery and Restaurant Tents by Benson Tent Rent

Benson Tent Rent now offers tents for purchase

Choose between frame and pole tent options. 

What are your tent needs?

We’ve sold to numerous commercial and retail customers.

Pole Tents

Pole tents are more affordable, easier to set up, and more portable than frame tents.

We offer both standard and sailcloth options as well as sizes ranging from 20ft to 60ft wide.

Our “Park Tent” is the first and only tent of it’s kind allowing a pole tent to be set up in a park without the use of water barrels or traditional steel stakes.

Contact Benson Tent Rent today for pricing on various pole tent options catering to your needs.

Maximize your public park event with a “PARK TENT”

  • Cover your guests with unique style
  • Much larger coverage square footage
  • Easy installation
  • Install the “Park Tent” in grassy area
  • Increasing space means increased guest list and opportunities

Allow airflow through your tented area

  • No perimeter valence that hangs down
  • Less obstructing view out of tent
  • Style, style, style
Inside of Tent at Larimer Square
Outdoor Tent by Benson Tent Rent
Inside of Restaurant Tent

Frame Tents

If you desire an exteremly unique tent, our Timbertrac frame tent is the perfect. This is the only tent of its kind showcasing the “wood truses and beams”. It’s a more structurally rigid tent design, and allows you more easily adapt to the weather conditions with the track system that both the tent top and walls slide within. 

These high-end frame tents fit into rustic settings perfectly and efficiently add the extra square footage you need for your venue. For the tent tops and sides, choose between clear, sailcloth, or black-out white.  

Contact Benson Tent Rent today where you’ll find the only Timbertrac retailer in Colorado.

Invite your customers or guests to host a special gathering in our beautiful Timbertrac tent featuring a rustic Colorado atmosphere.

Tented Opportunities

  • Tented curbside retail areas
  • Covered areas for added venue space
  • Hosting a small gathering, meeting, or special event

The highest-end and most unique tent available

Benson Tent Rent outside establishment
Clear Top Timbertrac Tent
timerbtrac frame tent

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