As Benson Tent Rent enters its 12th season, let’s take a look back at our 2023 accomplishments. With a focus on increasing sailcloth tent rentals and securing larger, higher-end events, we strategically expanded our inventory by acquiring additional medium to large sailcloth’s. These additions were put to consistent use, leading to a noticeable increase in our clients’ demand for sailcloth tents throughout the year. It’s a testament to our commitment and hard work, and we’re excited to build on this foundation in the years to come.


wood plank flooring

wood plank flooring


Our largest inventory purchase in 2023 was our wood-plank flooring. While the labor that goes into the installation is substantial, the result of the final product, when coupled with a sailcloth tent over it, is well worth the effort. Our capability to offer high-end full-tent flooring has elevated us to a prominent position, securing a spot among the top three event rental providers in our serviceable area for tent flooring. 

safe stakes

Safe Stakes

A significant breakthrough in 2023 was securing permission to use my patented “Safe Stakes” in Denver public parks. After persistent efforts to connect with the right individual and effectively communicate the product’s purpose, I successfully gained approval. The groundbreaking moment occurred during the approval for use for a corporate event in City Park, where we showcased the utility of Safe Stakes. Expanding beyond City Park, we also utilized Safe Stakes at Denver Botanical Gardens at Chatfield, the Trading Post at Red Rocks, and various other public parks in the Denver Area. Notably, the use of Safe Stakes has substantially reduced the cost of tent rentals, more than halving expenses compared to the traditional alternative of frame tents with water-barrel weights while eliminating the thousand of gallons of water that are traditionally used to weight a frame tent down. This innovation opens the door to a potential new market for tented events in public parks. Looking ahead, we are poised to intensify our efforts to further develop Safe Stakes, with plans to officially launch sales in 2024.


We are so excited for the upcoming year and are optimistic that we’ll be just as successful as we were in 2023! Thanks for reading my post and we look forward to another successful year!

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