Benson Tent Rent just made it through the busiest week of the season! It feels great to stick to the plan and execute everything without any major issues. Check out some of the work we did in June: 11402818_10102273603038273_3978264422253539092_n  11112445_10102273602898553_1775726953416711488_n

10246293_10102273602848653_1120875881575412438_n  11040581_10102273602948453_237345420139070700_n

10455239_10102273603088173_6472545008484983112_n  11107169_10102273603158033_7620572399300646337_n

If you need Benson Tent Rent to provide shelter from the sun, wind, rain or any other kind of unexpected weather, give us a call for your next outdoor event: (720) 473-9522

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