1. Set a budget for your event – Once we know your budget for the rentals, we will stick to it. We will show you options that work for you, without pushing the envelope. We will work with you to ensure you have an amazing event without breaking the bank.
  2. Place your rental order as early as possible – The more lead time you give us, the better we can prepare and help you have a stress-free, smooth event planning experience. Consulting with us early will give you first pick of the rental options, and more time to make final decisions with out the stress of having to rush to make a deadline
  3. When choosing a venue, consider all potential event expenses – If choosing an indoor location, make sure you accurately calculate how many tables and chairs you will need to accommodate guests and vendors. If you only have limited indoor space, and plan on using the outdoors as well, consider setting up a tent as a Plan B to avoid any unwanted weather disasters.
  4. If you need recommendations, we are happy to help! – Benson Tent Rent has set up for hundreds of events, if you’re not sure what you need for you event, we’d be happy to make suggestions and help you plan out exactly what you will need.

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